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CATegorical Care: Free Cat Health and Welfare Guidebook Wins Awards

The American Humane Association’s legacy Adopt-A-Cat month got a boost this past June by partnering with the CATalyst Council. I had the honor to author a pretty comprehensive cat health and welfare guidebook called CATegorical Care: An Owner’s Guide To America’s #1 Companion. It’s free – and available online here to download. I was recently... Read more »

Cats and Parasite Protection

Can’t live with them, CAN live without with: Parasites! Dr. Diane Eigner, chair of the CATalyst Council demonstrates parasite prevention– 

All About the Cat: CATalyst Council Meeting

The CATalyst Council began just over a year ago to elevate the status of cats. While cats are America’s number one companion pet – they do get ripped…They don’t see the veterinarian nearly as often as dogs, they are more often dumped at shelters and less often adopted. What’s up with all that? The CATalyst... Read more »