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Solution for Hawthorne Cats Benefits the Cats

Solution for Hawthorne Cats Benefits the Cats
When do cats come first, ahead of human egos? This IS the story: Carrie  Gobernatz, a wonderful dedicated volunteer caretaker, had been watching over many of the feral cats at Hawthorne Race Course for several years. No questions, she gave generously of her time, talents and personal money. Over the years, she received advice from various animal... Read more »

Steve Dale Returns to WGN Radio

I am very pleased to return to WGN
For 12 years, I hosted Pet Central at WGN Radio (1997-2009). I’m proud of what I was able to do at the radio station, and grateful that I was able to make a difference for pets in Chicago, and in some ways for pets all of the country. In 2009 WLS took me on as... Read more »

It Seems the Audubon Society Is Supporting Aiming A Gun at Feral Cats

The Audubon Society really seems to like Feral Cats and their Management, a report (they suggest is peer reviewed) from the University of Nebraska extension service. It’s a shame the Audubon Society isn’t acting a bit more enlightened here. I am for protecting birds, but if the actions of this report are followed through on... Read more »