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Animal Control Director with Steve Dale WGN, and Brilliant Dr. Dunbar

Animal Control Director with Steve Dale WGN, and Brilliant Dr. Dunbar
Steve Dale’s Pet World features the first radio interview with Sandra Alfred, executive director of Chicago’s Animal Care and Control at 1:05 p.m. CDT. There’s tons to talk about, as Sandra took over – frankly a mess – and now has CACC moving in the right direction.  Alfred is also the current President of  the... Read more »

Ian Dunbar: 'Most Influential Dog Trainer in My Lifetime'

Ian Dunbar: 'Most Influential Dog Trainer in My Lifetime'
Dr. Ian Dunbar may not have the acclaim of the dog whisperer – actually he does, within the dog training world. More important – he has respect from colleagues.  No one dog trainer in my lifetime has had the influence of Dr. Dunbar. If you’re a professional or really intent on learning about dogs –... Read more »

Steve vs. Steve: Bertrand and Dale on Pets

Steve Bertrand on WGN Radio interviews me…In part, the idea to support my ebooks, “Good Dog” and “Good Cat.” On the air, Bertrand has been a sort of a pet-lover’s nemesis, even in this interview suggesting that if you love pets you may not love people so much. Here’s a clearly intelligent and well-read guy... Read more »

WLS Podcast, Steve Dale interviews Patricia McConnell

All this week, my favorite WLS-AM Podcast of 2010, today it’s the amazing Patricia McConnell. Click here to listen to my Petcast with Patrica McConnell. Trainer Victoria Stillwell recently told me the first time she read Patricia McConnell, she stood up and hollered. Well, there must be a lot of screaming going on – I... Read more »

Do You Really Need to DOMINATE Your Dog?

Domination Theory returned with “The Dog Whisperer” a couple of years ago, though years before  that the theory was scientifically debunked and had fallen out of favor. David Ryan of the Association of Pet Behaviour Consellors in the UK explains why dominance is not a valid approach to training dogs. I agree with him. Most... Read more »

Cesar Millan's Song & Dance Routine

Not sure what the Dog Whisperer will be doing at the Rosemont Theatre, apparently his usual song and dance routine. I obviously haven’t seen the show yet, but from all accounts it reminds me of the days when “preachers” would go from town to town “healing” people with their magic touch. Were they really healing?... Read more »
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