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Purring and Growling Back at Me: Reader Questions/Comments

Purring and Growling Back at Me: Reader Questions/Comments
I love your feedback – sometime you purr, other times you bark or growl…but keep those emails and letters coming ( Here are some recent comments. “I was moved by your recent column, which you responded to a reader who had recently euthanized her pet and was feeling a great deal of guilt.  Your response... Read more »

Deconstructing An Interview with Cesar Millan

Deconstructing the Cesar Millan appearance on “60 Minutes” with Leslie Stahl. “Actually what worries me is when you brought [your dog Parker] in, because you told her to walk in front of you, so she’s walking in front of Lesley Stahl,” Millan said. This doesn’t really make sense. Leslie  did what comes naturally, opening the... Read more »

Camp Dogwood on Weekend Today Show

Jenna Wolfe of the Weekend Today Show visits our own Camp Dogwood….while the segment, is fun – it doesn’t exactly capture the feel of dog camp. Truly, it’s a chance to enhance the bond you have with your best friend (and meeting others who feel the same about their best friends) .  Visit for... Read more »

Day at the Dog Beach

What a nice Father's Day.
What a better way to spend Father’s Day, Robin, Lucy and Ethel took me to the dog beach in Chicago (commonly called MonDog, just north of the Montrose Avenue beach for people). It was cloudy Sunday morning, and even began to drizzle but it was a fun hour for all! (Do read the gallery for... Read more »

Dogs at the Beach - A Little Summer into Your Winter

I LOVE THIS VIDEO - and I dare anyone not to smile watching this (even Red Eye reporter/blogger Stephen Markley – who says he hates dogs)
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