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Dog Wants A Kitty

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Can dogs and cats live together? Maybe some dogs want a kitty? Maybe some cats would like a pet dog (to cats, that’s how it goes – we are their ‘pet people,’ I believe).

Pitbull and Kitten, Best Friends

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I am sick and tired of those stories on Pit Bull-type dogs, usually mixes anyway….If there is a generalization about well-socialized Pitties…..well watch the video – this is what they are REALLY like! Also, more and more pet owners are following the trend of having a dog and cat (or two cats).

Cats Rule, Even on Take Your Dog to Work Day

Cat Stanley June 23 is Take Your Dog to Work Day. That’s fine, but as Cat Stanley, the official “spokes cat” for the non-profit CATalyst Council points, out, this comes during American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Cat month! What nerve! How can the dogs have the audacity do that? So, Cat Stanley decided cats should celebrate too!... Read more »

American Humane Association Announces Pawscars

And now the envelope please. Here they are – the moment you’ve been waiting for, the American Humane Association announces winners of their annual Pawscar Awards.“No Animals Were Harmed”® certification from American Humane Association, the nation’s voice for the protection of children and animals. American Humane Association’s Certified Animal Safety Representatives™ monitor the treatment of... Read more »