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Another Dog Fighting App, Something Must Be Done

I recently wrote about Dog Wars, an Android (owned by Google) app “game” which taught those who downloaded about dog fighting, celebrating dog fighting – which in truth is a felony. That Dog Wars App is now gone – However, the same company, Kage Games, LLC, has launched a new “game” called KC Dogfighting. There’s... Read more »

There is No Longer An App for Everything

Our voices have apparently been heard…. from all the blog postings (including my own I hope)….cries from national animal welfare groups….even Michael Vick getting into the act, the Los Angeles Police Department and various other voices….the dog fighting “game” application called Dog Wars (Kage Games LLC) has apparently been pulled from the Android Market. I... Read more »

There's a Dog War Going On

Facebook pages have been set up to petition against this application Dog fighting isn’t a game, and it’s not a sport – it’s a felony, and a crime of horrific nearly unspeakable violence. I have so many issues with the app – one is the way which dogs are abused in the game, and another... Read more »

There IS an App for Everythng, Even for Dog Fighting

I know virtual gun fighting is legal, and if a virtual person dies – it’s no big deal. I’m not sure if that is right or not, or if some video games are too violent. No matter, I shouldn’t be surprised about the availability of virtual dog fighting.  I also know there’s an app for... Read more »