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Dog Saves Boy, A Lassie Story in Real Life

Dog Saves Boy, A Lassie Story in Real Life
Lassie saves another life….well, almost. This time, the dog’s name is Ashapoo and is an Australian Shepherd, not a Collie; and instead of Timmy falling into a well, it’s two-year old Peyton who wanders of. Peyton is a two-year described to be “on batteries.” Grandma turned her back for a moment, and the toddler was... Read more »

Bloodhound Sniffs Out Bank Robber

Bloodhound Sniffs Out Bank Robber
Bloodhounds are the underdogs of the dog the dog world, finding hundreds of lost and confused people, and trekking bad guys but rarely receiving public acclaim. This time around, a 4-year old Bloodhound made the news, even being dubbed a “rock star,” said Frank Bilecki, spokesperson for he Cook Country Sheriff Tom Dart, according to... Read more »

Paco the Chihuahua Chases Away Armed Robbers

Thumbnail image for 'Paco the Chihuahua Chases Away Armed Robbers'
It would have been worse if it wasn’t for a pint-sized Chihuahua who chased off armed robbers in Altadena, CA.. When I was on the radio with Greg Jarrett of WGN – he asked me how it’s possible that a Chihuahua could scare off a pair of gun toting criminals. Well, watch for yourself. Think... Read more »

Canine Heroes Come In All Sizes, All Breeds

I’ve noticed this trend…If there’s a dog bite involving a Golden Retriever (and believe it or not, that does happen) we never hear about it in the media. If it involves a Pit Bull (or dog that generally looks like a Pit Bull), Huge Headlines! Similarly, if a Golden Retriever is a hero dog –... Read more »
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