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Pit Bull Fact and Fiction

In many places the over-population problem among dogs, and their numbers in shelters has diminished a lot! However, it seems most shelters in most places do have an abundance of Pit Bull-type dogs.
Pit Bulls today really do get a bad rap. A recent story told the truth. Historically, Pit Bulls have always been terrific family dogs. It’s true, from Poodles to Pomeranians – all dogs are loyal, and love their families…Somehow, some way that devotion ranks even higher among Pit Bulls. In fact, they were chosen... Read more »

Round III Another Facebook Fan Page Supporting Dog Fighting, Tear Down that Page

I am nothing, if not persistent….Yet another fan page supporting of the legalization of dog fighting has gone up on Facebook. Please do NOT check that you ‘like’ this post. Scroll down the bottom left where it says “REPORT PAGE.” And do that. And DO please cross post, and have your friends do the same. ... Read more »

Where Pit Bulls Are Banned, Dog Bites Rise

Breed Specific Bans have done nothing to lessen dog bites in Norfolk, England. In fact, the number of people requiring hospital treatment for dog bites has increased by almost a third since the breed bans went into affect. Clearly, the breed bans didn’t do what they were supposed to.   One public official described the... Read more »