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Day at MonDog Beach

Great day to do one of my favorite things - spend a couple of hours at Mondog, Montrose Dog Beach
With the dog flu threat lowered significantly, we thought it would be a perfect day to visit MonDog (Montrose dog beach), and with our niece Mallory and her dog Kaylee too! Our first time at the dog beach this season, due to the dog flu and then just too many rainy days. This turned out... Read more »

Day at Dog Beach

Ethel love, loves our visits to dog beach, it's all about the water and the ball....and you can't have one without the other - that would be wrong. She's a decent swimmer.
Dog Beach is the right destination on a beautiful Sunday afternoon – Mondog Dog Beach is just north of the Montrose Avenue Beach.   Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

Dog Beach Highlights

I can't wait to get over there
Mondog Beach is terrific! This sprawling Chicago dog beach (just north of the beach for people at Montrose) offers views of Chicago which are worth the price of admission (it’s free, of course – like all city beaches), and is always a great place for social dogs to keep cool, let off steam and just... Read more »

Dogs Hit Beach: Mondog's Season's Begun

Look at that newly raked early morning sand, and a lone (beautiful) Australian Shepherd
Montrose Street Dog Beach, known as Mondog, has begun their season, though that is hard to believe. Thats because it’s been so darn cold outside, and the Lake Michigan water temperature reflects that. Here are some images from our first visit of the year….

Sunday Morning at MonDog Beach for Dogs in Chicago

Welcome to Mondog - dog beach at Montrose Avenue to Wilson.
What a wonderful day (before the clouds, winds and bit of rain) to spend at MonDog (dog beach between Wilson and Montrose). I have no clue what all the sludge is about that washed ashore – and lingers in the water, all on the south side of the beach. Yuck. It even smells. Whatever it... Read more »

Dog Killed at Chicago Dog Beach

Dog Killed at Chicago Dog Beach
          It was a St. Patrick’s Day massacre, at least a canine version, at Mondog Beach (Montrose Avenue dog beach) in Chicago. Willy was a healthy Pomeranian; just two years old when his owners say a pit bull-type dog attacked him at the Lakefront dog park, leaving Willy with injuries so... Read more »

WGN Radio Petcast: Prevent Losing Your Pet, Economic Realities and State Rep. Feigenholtz on Mondog Beach, Aging Pets

Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio PETCAST: Listen HERE (just click – but do allow a few minutes for the site to open and play) More pets are lost over the Fourth of July holiday than at any time. Gary MacPhee of HomeAgain Pet Recovery says prevention is best, and offers tips on ways to... Read more »

Cruise With Dogs

No, that’s not what the poop deck is all about – not even on this cruise – an opportunity to see Chicago’s amazing skyline with your best friend with four legs – that is what it’s all about! Take your pooch on on the famous Mercury Skyline Canine Cruise  on June 23, a special event... Read more »

Camp Dogwood on Weekend Today Show

Jenna Wolfe of the Weekend Today Show visits our own Camp Dogwood….while the segment, is fun – it doesn’t exactly capture the feel of dog camp. Truly, it’s a chance to enhance the bond you have with your best friend (and meeting others who feel the same about their best friends) .  Visit for... Read more »

Day at the Dog Beach

What a nice Father's Day.
What a better way to spend Father’s Day, Robin, Lucy and Ethel took me to the dog beach in Chicago (commonly called MonDog, just north of the Montrose Avenue beach for people). It was cloudy Sunday morning, and even began to drizzle but it was a fun hour for all! (Do read the gallery for... Read more »