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Recuers Are Angels, So Are the Animals They Rescue

Debbie Gabbard called the animal rescuers and shelter workers and volunteers "angels on earth." I think she's right.
Here are the animals belonging to Steve and Debbie Gabbard featured in the blog post Animals Rescuers Are Angels. During the flooding in Memphis, of course, many animals were saved…Here’s on family’s story; these four-legged family members were cared for by a team, including the American Humane Association Red Star Emergency Services. Here are photos... Read more »

Highlights from the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association

Highlights of Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association,in Atlanta July 31-August 3, included several announcements: Dr. Larry Kornegay as the new AVMA President; Paws to Save Pets (Merials non profit foundation) and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation will Hill’s Pet Nutrition is donating pet food and $145,000 to veterinary clinics and shelters in the... Read more »