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Camp Dogwood is More than S'Mores, Featured on Steve Dale's Pet World

Camp Dogwood is More than S'Mores, Featured on Steve Dale's Pet World
Alsya Slay and Dave Eisendrath talk about the 14th year of Camp Dogwood. - it’s a camp for dogs. Can you believe that? Listen HERE to my interview with the camp’s founders and head marshmallow roasters, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. It’s true, listen here for more about this camp, where the big events... Read more »

Camp Dogwood & Big Announcement on Steve Dale's Pet World

Camp Dogwood & Big Announcement on Steve Dale's Pet World
Check this out, a camp for dogs (and their people)….it’s not far, and it’s called Camp Dogwood. The camp’s founders Alysa Slay and Dave Eisendrath appear on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Sunday January 11, at 6:30 AM CDT on WGN Radio (listen at 720AM or HERE). Animal News: Parrot Saves Speeders Steve Dale’s big news!!!... Read more »

Camp Dogwood: Barking Up Any Tree

Camp Dogwood: Barking Up Any Tree
Camp Dogwood is Fun (no accident on that capital ‘F’). All sorts of events and activities for dogs and their people. It really is a camp where dogs can partake in a wide variety of activities, from lure coursing (for sight hounds, or any other dog that wants to partake) to a marshmallow camp fire... Read more »

Bertrand Judges Haunted Highwood Pets Costume Contest

Scary....with all that pumpkin being carved, and falling to the street - the dogs also a great clean up crew. Pumpkin is actually quite healthy, but always there may be too much of a good thing.
Read the story behind-the-story, how WGN Radio’s Steve Betrand wound up co-emceeing a Halloween costume contest for pets in Highwood. This was one of the many events held in the suburb’s What is your dog going to be for Halloween? A costume contest for pets is among the many events going on in Highwood The Great Highwood Pumpkin... Read more »

Memorial Day at Camp Dogwood

Outside the dining hall, they call this space the Barking Lot
I love Camp Dogwood, and am honored to speak there – there are a wide variety of activities (different strokes for different canines), everything from obedience instruction to participating (and getting tips from experts) on Frisbee disc, lure coursing and agility….there are even crafty things to do, beach games and conversations with a myriad of... Read more »

Camp Dogwood, A DogGone Good Time

So what do people who attend dog camp look like? Most are in this group photo (though not having a wide angle lense, with apologies, I missed a few folks and some dogs).
If you love dogs, and visiting with others who love dogs -  Camp Dogwood camp sessions will make you wag your tail. Check out these images and you’ll get a sense of what it’s all about (photos shot May 28 and 29) 

Camp Dogwood on the Today Show

It’s where dogs can be dogs, our own Camp Dogwood (in Ingleside, IL) will be featured Sunday, July 18 on the Weekend Today Show. Watch reporter Jenna Wolfe play with dogs. Jenna, according to her bio, is multi-lingual but can she speak dog? As for Camp Dogwood – it’s an amazing experience….no matter what your... Read more »

Memorial Day Goes to the Dogs at Camp Dogwood

Returning home from Camp watching the hockey game and Ethel doing exactly what all dogs do when they return from Camp Dogwood.
Celebrating their 10th Anniversary season, Camp Dogwood is where dogs can be dogs. . . it’s a camp for dogs! The camp is iin Ingleside, IL,  Check out the gallery and see what a camp for dogs is all about:
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