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Tree House Humane Society Celebrated 40 Years with a Black Cat Ball

So, he thinks he can emcee - "So You Think You Can Dance" star Special K, now with KISS-FM, was the emcee for the Black Cat Ball, a benefit party celebrating the 40th Anniversary for this legendary all-cat shelter. Tree House Society: One of the first no-kill shelters, one of the first cageless cat shelters, and - in fact - one of the first all-cat shelters....Tree House Humane Society is legendary shelter, and insiders around America know that.  However, so many in Chicago take this great shelter for granted. After all, for 40 years Tree House has been here, innovating and saving cats - often cats no other shelter would take. Special K did a great job as emcee! I like how Special K jumped up on his stage, a chair. To the far right, Dallas Yanez sneaking a photo of me taking a photo with him. All images here by me unless noted.
The Tree House Humane Society celebrated 40 years at the Black Cat Ball, October 21 at the Red Canary. It was quite the cat party!


Here are world famous photos from the world famous KITTYPALOOZA cat concert on January 14 to benefit the Tree House Humane Society. 

Love Burns Bright a Tree House Humane Society Lights of Love

Tenth Annual Lights of Love, at Tree House Humane Society, Chicago’s oldest cageless all-cat shelter. The event is a Chicago tradition commemorating people and animals who have passed to the Rainbow Bridge.