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This Blog Post: Number 1,000

This Blog Post: Number 1,000
For about 18 months I’ve been the author of this blog – and I hope you join in celebrating my 1,000th post! Perhaps, I have set a pet blogger record. If so, I hope for the Tribune Company to present me with a silver scooper. When the Tribune launched ChicagoNow, I noted there was a... Read more »

In Defense of Dogs: Markley Misses the Mark

It’s like two countries at war –                                                                       A couple of days back, ChicagoNow blogger Stephen Markley posted on why he hates dogs. Then, of course, I post a response, Barking in... Read more »

Barking In Defense of Dogs On-the-Air

Chicago Now blogger Stephen Markley posted that it’s a ruff world if you hate dogs….I posted a reply, barking in defense of dogs. Many of you commented. Now you can hear the dog hater himself on the air. Stephen appears on my WLS Radio show tomorrow (Oct. 17) morning, just after 6 AM on WLS-AM... Read more »

Thanks For Sniffing Me Out - Welcome To My Blog

Chicago Now is great, but I can’t imagine a blog site calling itself complete without including pets. After all, most people in American do have a pet; there are actually more pets than children. And over 90 percent consider their pet(s) members of the family. This blog will ultimately be what you decide…I’ll be posting... Read more »