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Cat Having Accidents? Assumptions May Not Be Correct

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Inappropriate elimination in cats is the most common behavior problem in pets, and an all too frequent explanation for giving up cats….But as certified cat behavior consultant Jacqueline Munera explains, the assumption that the problem is behavior based might not be correct.

Steve Dale, Pet Behavior on WLS-TV News

Talking about behavior issues (that is in pet behavior) with Judy Hsu on the WLS-TV Morning News:

All About Litter Boxes with Beth Adelman

Here’s my view: A cat litter box is like Google for your cat…EVERYTHING you need to know is in that box…your kitty has an upset tummy, your kitty is stressed (and not even making it to the box), your kitty has diabetes or is hyperthyroid (too many clumps, urinating all the time). In Thea Feldman’s... Read more »