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Lost Cat Finds Her Way Home: Do Cats Have Built-In GPS?

Lost Cat Finds Her Way Home: Do Cats Have Built-In GPS?
Cat are territorial. And may do anything to reclaim their lost territory. This story illustrates this fact. Holly, a 4-year old  tortoiseshell became separated in nearly November from Jacob and Bonnie Richter, and traveled 200 miles to return to her home town. She turned up nearby on New Year’s Eve. Holly fled while the Richters were on... Read more »

National Feral Cat Day: Is This A Parking Meter Holiday?

October 16 is Alley Cat Allies National Feral Cat Day! You can celebrate by caring for stray/feral cats where you live…If you’re in the Chicago (or really anywhere) a great resource is Tree House Humane Society Feral Friends Program. And Alley Cat Allies is a superb resource as well, as the nation’s leading advocate for... Read more »

Microchipping Pets Saves Lives

Shelters and animal rescuers have said for years that pets scanned for microchips will more likely be recovered. Now, Dr. Linda Lord is using science to document if microchipping matters. Not a huge surprise, microchipping saves lives! When it comes to microchipping, increasingly people are microchipping dogs – but cats get the short end of... Read more »