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Dr. Sophia Yin, Radio Interviews: Perfect Puppy, Kitten Socialization

Dr. Sophia Yin, Radio Interviews: Perfect Puppy, Kitten Socialization
Dr. Sophia Yin, applied animal behaviorist, was more than a tad special as a person, extraordinarily generous, as well as a talented communicator. She died unexpectedly, September 28 at age 48. Instead of focusing on her loss, I suggest we shine a spotlight on what she did, authoring several books including “Low Stress Handling, Restraint and... Read more »

Cat Can Learn, Between Catnaps

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Cats are smart – and this cat really has got it down. Simon Teakettle III is a very educated and very busy cat, at least between naps. Simon does ticks (albeit pretty simple ones) for treats….Simon’s not alone, i do the same. Sometimes, Simon gets the lady who shares his office to amuse him (it’s... Read more »

Karen Pryor on Steve Dale's Pet World

One-hour with the Queen of Operant Conditioning, Karen Pryor. Listen to my wide ranging 890-AM  WLS podcast, as the legendary Karen Pryor and discuss everything from Oscar training (as in a kind of fish) to playing games with your dog which dogs help invent the rules. Other topics range from Cesar Millan to kleptomaniac Dalmatians.... Read more »

Cat Standing Up for What He Believes

(thanks to Facebook fan Liz C. for the link) The Standing Cat @ Yahoo! Video
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