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Cat Fancy Gets Fancy at the Algonquin

Cat Fancy Gets Fancy at the Algonquin
Cat Fancy magazine, the world’s leading cat publication, is proud to sponsor the annual Matilda the Algonquin Cat birthday celebration and fundraiser. This year’s theme is a salute to Broadway with Matilda herself hosting the ceremonies, which take place at the historic Algonquin Hotel  (59 W. 44th St., New York) on Saturday, August 2,  3... Read more »

Cat Questions Answered at Winn Feline Symposium

Cat Questions Answered at Winn Feline Symposium
NEW ORLEANS, LA. — These cat questions were answered by Winn Feline Foundation board members attending the 36th Annual Winn Feline Foundation Symposium here on June 26. The foundation is a non-profit that supports funding for cat health studies. Much of what veterinarians know today about feline health, from understanding a myriad of feline diseases... Read more »

2011 WGN Radio Petcasts

Upon returning to WGN, my first Petcast - Chicago dog trainers Wendy DeCarlo and Dennis Damon from the Dog Obedience Group. "I remember Ethel when she was so small," said Dennis as he walked into the studio. "And she still loves me." Wendy added, "But Dennis, she loves everyone."
Here are 11 of the GREAT folks I was honored to have in-studio for Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio Petcasts (podcasts for Pet Lovers) in 2011.  Check them out, you can listen – it’s free…right HERE. Which was your favorite? Hard to say for me, but I do tell some behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

Pet Books for the Holidays

"Raising My Furry Children," by Tracy Ahrens, with guest story by Steve Dale (Weaving Dreams Publishing, Watseka, IL, 2011; $18.95).
A cardboard box with two cats inside was dropped at the front door of Kankakee County (Ill.) Animal Control. "My owner is dying and can't take care of us anymore," the note attached to the box begins. Here Ahrens' story also begins. The overwhelming majority of pet owners consider their pets members of the family, and for millions, pets serve almost as surrogate children (or grandchildren). Ahrens tells stories about her own pets; some are funny, some touching, and all offer lessons. I contributed a story about a Brittany named Chaser, who changed my life. Following that, Ahrens writes about her Brittany, Speckles. Many cat stories follow. A portion of the book's proceeds will benefit American Brittany Rescue. Perhaps, you can relate to what Ahrens says -- or not. In one story, she explains:  "Since I live alone, well, with my pets, I have a habit of not closing my bathroom door while I'm in bathroom taking care of business. I tried a few times to close the door behind me, but little paws instantly poke under the bottom crack of the door, persistently scratch on the door, claw at the carpet outside of the door, or attempt to pull open the door from the bottom by grabbing it with claws...So, I instilled an open-door policy between us."
Here a litter of new books, all make inspirational, sweet or fun reading – perfect for the howlidays.

My Cat Has Diabetes, Now What?

My Cat Has Diabetes, Now What?
Can you believe 1 in 200 cats is suffering from diabetes? The answer from private practicing veterinarians is generally, ‘No.’ In the ‘real world,’ they maintain the numbers are even higher. As a guest on my show,  Steve Dale’s Pet World, Dr. Ruth MacPete talks about diabetes in cats. LISTEN HERE, as Dr. MacPete explains... Read more »

WGN Radio Petcast: Foster 2 Home, Pet Adoptions, Dog Saving Network, and Taking Pet's Photos

WGN Radio Petcast: Foster 2 Home, Pet Adoptions, Dog Saving Network, and Taking Pet's Photos
This Petcast features variety, a new Foster organization to a benefit canine talent show to a new column at to taking photos of your pets to learning more about flea and tick products. Listen HERE to this WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World PETCAST.   (may take a few moments to load) Fosters and rescues... Read more »

Two Legendary Veterinarians Hoping to Knock Out FIP

Legendre and Little
The historic 33rd Annual Winn Feline Foundation Symposium ” WINNing the FIP Battle” was held June 23 at the Hyatt Regency Reston, Reston, VA.  The event was historic because it brought to legendary veterinarians together, Dr. Niels Pederson of the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Al Legendre, University of Tennessee... Read more »

Susan Logan Presented with 2010 Winn Feline Foundation Media Award

Susan Logan, editor Cat Fancy magazine, is awarded Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award. The press release is here. Susan Logan This is my personal perspective you won’t read anywhere else. First off, the Winn Feline Foundation has been funding cat health research for over 40 years. It is the only organization that as the... Read more »

WLS Podcast: Inspirational Dog Stories, and Dr. MacPete on FIP and Diabetes in Cats

Listen (for free! – with a single click) to a conversation with Allen and Linda Anderson, authors of “Dogs & the Women Who Love Them.” It’s a spiritual and inspiring book and conversation, but Steve complains, what about the men who love dogs? Dr. Ruth MacPete Dr. Ruth MacPete, who is with Cat Fancy magazine,... Read more »

The Oldest Cat

Cat Fancy magazine asked their readers to report the oldest cat. The winner is 28-year old Possom, rescued by Kenny and Mony Bryant just before their wedding day in 1982. What’s amazing about Possom is she’s retained her girlish looks, svelte figure and good health for all these years. It’s seems as she’s gone Hollywood... Read more »
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