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Purring and Growling Back at Me: Reader Questions/Comments

Purring and Growling Back at Me: Reader Questions/Comments
I love your feedback – sometime you purr, other times you bark or growl…but keep those emails and letters coming ( Here are some recent comments. “I was moved by your recent column, which you responded to a reader who had recently euthanized her pet and was feeling a great deal of guilt.  Your response... Read more »

Love At First Bark with Julie Klam

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A conversation with Julie Klam, author of “Love at First Bark: How Saving a Dog Can Sometimes Help Your to Save Yourself.” She rescued a Pit Bull-type dog – different that the Boston Terriers she previously worked with, and other stories.  

The Friendly Skies Aren't Always So Friendly For Pets

Chicago Tribune reporter Jon Hilkevitch got it right, but many news reports on TV and radio, in particular, goofed. The reports indicated that according to the United States Department of Transportation flying with short-faced dogs or dogs with those pushed in noses places their lives at a greater risk, and advices against it. Well, that’s... Read more »