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Beagle Sniffs Lost Items for KLM

Thumbnail image for 'Beagle Sniffs Lost Items for KLM'
This Beagle is amazing – even though it turns out to be more a ‘made-up commercial.’  Still, you will smile. And even the fact that an airline is interested in actually helping people makes this video a must see. I recently left a charger (for my phone) on the plane…no biggie – I have many... Read more »

Do Breed Specific Diets Make Sense?

Do Breed Specific Diets Make Sense?
Nutritionist Dr. Jill Cline of Royal Canin talks on Steve Dale Dale’s Pet World about how feeding dogs for breed may matter, listen HERE. For example, Labrador Retrievers tend to inhale their food. A Labrador Retriever diet will slow down the dog’s eating, which lessens the chances of bloat among the health benefits. Also, the slower... Read more »

Consider the Breed

Consider the Breed
“Do dogs ever feel jealous of another breed” is a question that was asked by a reader in Connecticut. Like a German Shepherd ever wants to be a Bulldog, or a Golden Retriever yearns to have a little wiener Dachshund dog in his soul? Actually, the answer may surprise you some…Dogs do recognize other breeds.... Read more »

How Long Pets Live; Cleaning Teeth; A Quiet Beagle; Biting Cat: Reader Questions

How Long Pets Live; Cleaning Teeth; A Quiet Beagle; Biting Cat: Reader Questions
Q: We just had our cat put sleep; he was 20 years and four months old. How long do cats and dogs usually live? — L.S., Bradenton, FL A: I’m so sorry to hear about your cat, but at least he enjoyed a long life, longer than most. Increasingly, though, some cats these days are... Read more »

Labrador Retriever Most Popular Dog in America; Ten Most Popular Breeds, Trends

Labrador Retriever Most Popular Dog in America; Ten Most Popular Breeds, Trends
Here are the most popular dogs in America, at least according to American Kennel Club Registration numbers. Could this be a bit misleading? Sure, these days many people with pedigreed dogs don’t bother to register, but still this is some gauge. No surprise, for 21 years now the Labrador Retriever continues to be America’s most... Read more »

Memorial Day Goes to the Dogs at Camp Dogwood

Returning home from Camp watching the hockey game and Ethel doing exactly what all dogs do when they return from Camp Dogwood.
Celebrating their 10th Anniversary season, Camp Dogwood is where dogs can be dogs. . . it’s a camp for dogs! The camp is iin Ingleside, IL,  Check out the gallery and see what a camp for dogs is all about:

Images from Big Dog Show

The International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show was February 27, 28 at McCormick Place. I walked around with my camera, and share the images with you from this wonderful and prestigious benched show (a benched show means dogs must hang out – and spectators can meet the participants).

Camp Dogwood - Where Dogs Can Be Dogs

I love Camp Dogwood (held in Ingelside, IL). . . surrounded by dogs, and people who love their dogs…life doesn’t get any better…In this instance, pictures tell the story…More photos on my Facebook Fan Page (this is only a sampling here, and larger photos and more of them ion of what’s here on the Fan... Read more »
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