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Shiba Inu Anal Glands 'Clogged': Reader Question

Shiba Inu Anal Glands 'Clogged': Reader Question
Q: My Shiba Inu seems to have chronically clogged anal glands. I’ve had dogs my entire life, but I’ve never seen so much licking of the butt. I took my dog to the veterinarian for manual extraction but it didn’t help. The veterinarian suggested surgery. What do you think? — S.L., Cyberspace A: “This is... Read more »

Reader Questons Answered At AAHA Conference

Reader Questons Answered At AAHA Conference
DENVER, CO. — These reader questions were answered at the 2012 American Animal Hospital Association Conference, attended by over 1,200 veterinary professionals, March 15-18 at the Denver Convention Center. Q: My wonderful Border Collie/Chow mix was in good health and then he stopped eating. After 6 weeks and many tests, he was diagnosed with stomach... Read more »

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Anal Sacs, And May Be Afraid to Ask

Dogs and cats express themselves by barking, or purring….but then there’s another kind of expression which happens from the other end. Here’s a helpful, and future Academy Award winning video about anal glands. Happy holidays and enjoy.
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