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American Humane Association Remembers Our Dog Lucy, Supporting Hero Therapy Dogs

American Humane Association Remembers Our Dog Lucy, Supporting Hero Therapy Dogs
You might think of this gymnasium-sized room at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago as being a sad place. There’s a teenage gun shot victim learning to walk again, an older women working hard to come back from a stroke, a young boy recovering form brain surgery and a young man dealing with a spinal cord... Read more »

WGN Radio Petcast: Preparing for Emergencies, Pet Insurance, Cat Genetics, Parrots and Ferrets

WGN Radio Petcast: Preparing for Emergencies, Pet Insurance, Cat Genetics, Parrots and Ferrets
This WGN Radio Petcast wins the Gold Medal for being the most jam packed ever! (May take a moment to load): Tracy Reis, national director of Red Star Emergency Services at the American Humane Association talks about preparing for your pets’ survival in emergencies. Everything from carrier training for cats to the importance of microchipping.... Read more »

Elevated Status of Military Working Dogs

Elevated Status of Military Working Dogs
The U.S. Military are enlisting military working dogs in record numbers. After all, military working dogs are still required for “sniffing out” land mines to security deployment, to “dropping in” on Osama Bin Laden. A story in Military Times by Michelle Tan points out that military dogs have proven so valuable that two new programs... Read more »

American Humane Associaton Hero Dog Award Winners

In the darkness comes light, in confusion comes answers. “Man’s
Best Friend is an Arsonist Worst Nightmare”. Sadie is a 5 year old
Black Labrador Retriever. Sadie has been a nationally certified
accelerant detection K-9 since May of 2007. Sadie works in the
Major Crimes Unit of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. She
has worked approximately 400 fires, and has assisted in cases
resulting in numerous arrests. Sadie has never lost in court. Sadie
has worked numerous high profile arson/homicide cases where her
nose has detected critical evidence for collection and prosecution.
Sadie has worked in extreme environments (high rise buildings,
collapsing structures, snow covered mountains) and never missed
a call to duty. Sadie has an incredibly friendly demeanor. She
conducts approximately 50 K-9 demonstrations a year to promote
fire safety and fire prevention. Sadie had been recognized for
numerous awards including the “Golden Paws” Award for lifesaving
and heroic acts, the “Hero Medal” from the Masonic Lodge,
and is a co-partner in being recognized as “Colorado Peace Officer
of the Year”. Any K-9 who unconditionally serves the public while
placing their own safety in jeopardy deserves our praise and
admiration. I have witnessed Sadie’s commitment to her job and
community first hand and it is second to none, which motivates me
to nominate her for this honor. She is truly an ambassador for all
working dogs, and I am humbled to be her partner.
The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards will air on November 11 on the Hallmark Channel. Hero dogs will be honored for their amazing accomplishments in eight categories. Among those attending this red carpet gala, a sort of Golden Globes for pets – except that instead of the booze flowing freely, there is Cesar Canine... Read more »

WGN Radio Petcast: American Humane Association Celebrates Pet Meets Baby

WGN Radio Petcast: American Humane Association Celebrates Pet Meets Baby
Pets and children In this very special WGN Radio Petcast, experts on pets, babies and children talk about how to keep that family intact when the little bundle of joy arrives home. Click HERE to listen to this WGN Radio Petcast. (wait a moment for the petcast to load) The American Humane Association is the... Read more »

The World Honors Lucy at 100, Victoria Stilwell Honors Our Dog Lucy

You named the animal, Lucy worked with it – including chimpanzees, elephants (she was actually quite intimidated - not that most of us wouldn't be), swimming with a dolphin (the water was freezing), and many dogs. Once an actor told me, “God help the dog who didn’t follow the scrip. When camera’s were rolling, she’d push that dog to hit the mark, or whatever it took.” Lucy, though didn’t care about being upstaged by animals. “If it’s funny, why would I care?”she once told me.
I named our dog Lucy for Lucille Ball, who I had the pleasure of knowing. And I do mean pleasure. Today, August 6, is Lucy’s 100th birthday. A story about our funny little Lucy – who passed away in May – appears on Victoria Stilwell’s Positively website. Of course, Victoria is the host of “It’s... Read more »

Cat Guys Are Cool: But Don't Hit the Birdie

It’s ok to be a cat guy. As American Humane Association’s Adopt A Cat Month winds down, and the CATalyst Council, which officially supports cat guys. They are the coolest guys, I think. But then I would. I am one and I am proud. There ought to be a Cat Pride Parade, I think. (thanks... Read more »

What Sweet Little Kitty Really Thinks

June is American Humane Association’s Adopt a Cat Month, as you choose the kitty you want to adopt – it helps to understand what cat really are thinking.

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month

During June’s Adopt-a-Cat Month, Leading National Animal Organizations Say Two Feline Friends Are Better Than One ——- American Humane Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, CATalyst Council, and Petfinder Offer Top 10 Checklist for Cat Parents and Parents-To-Be   WASHINGTON, D.C. - Millions of Americans will heed the national call to visit their local shelter or... Read more »
Advertisement: Takes Over the Internet Tuesday, Takes Over the World Next Month

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