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ACVIM Board-certified Veterinary Oncologist About Cancers in Our Pets

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At the 209 American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum in Montreal, I spoke with veterinary oncologist Dr. Louis-Philipe deLormier. There’s some question about how true the story is about the dog who saved the 6-year old. No matter, we know cancer is on the rise in dogs. Hardly anyone hasn’t had a pet or... Read more »

Dog Saves Six-Year Old

Dog Saves Six-Year Old
Ridgefield, WA, Aug. 17. Tom and Marie Morgan, their 6-year-old daughter Taylor and  dog,  Maggie were simply taking a walk near the Lewis River.  Taylor picked up a rock and ran toward the river to throw it. The normally placid lazy river was moving at the speed of rapids. No issue – except that when... Read more »

American Veterinary Medical Association Convention in St. Louis

I was there with Dan Kramer, then of Pfizer Animal Health when the CATalyst Council was created. The CATalyst Council met at the AVMA meeting with a meeting of our own (I am on the CATalyst Board). CATalyst is a non profit, formed to elevate the status of cats, getting more adopted and then into the veterinary offices. Dan is the past chair (as well as a founder) and Dr. Alexis Nahama of VCA is the current chair, a driving force behind CATalyst.
Here are some random shots from the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention in St. Louis, MO July 16 to 19.

Vets from Chicago Veterinary Specialty Center on Steve Dale's Pet World

These may not be the lyrics to Lake Shore Drive that you remember, but Skip Haynes of Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah recorded lyrics just for Dog Day on the Green, Skip Haynes There are pets I’d like to tell you about, they live in Chicago town…. Animals of all kinds, you can see them all... Read more »

Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy and Cutting Edge Medicine Steve Dale's Pet World on WLS

It’s not every day that a Grammy Award winner appears on Steve Dale’s Pet Word at 890-AM WLS, 2 pm cst Saturday, June 12. Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy talks about her new tune, “Who’s Saving Who.” Mary Ann Kennedy and Reba McIntyre Mary Ann Kennedy This song is amazing – check out some of the... Read more »

Give Your Dog a Valentine, A Pacemaker

Pacemakers can offer hope to dogs with heart disease. It’s amazing, read that sentence 20 years ago and people would have laughed – on two accounts. First, it’s crazy that such a thing could occur, pacemakers for dogs – just a wacky idea that would or could never happen. Second, even if it were possible... Read more »