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Dr. R.K. Anderson Talks About Matching the Right Pet For You

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Arguably, no one working in the field of companion animal behavior has been as pioneering and has had the impact as Dr. R.K. Anderson. He passed away October 19, at age 90. I worked with Dr. Anderson on many initiatives, and was honored to interview him many times. Here’s one sit-down we did at the... Read more »

Best Animal Behavior Website Gets Better with Expert Overview

I am proud to say I’m a part of this story. When legendary veterinary behaviorist Dr. R. K. Anderson told me, “I’m the same age as Betty White, you know…and I want to assure a positive future for ABRIonline,org (Animal Behavior Resources Institute).” I’m on the Board of Director at the American Humane Association, which... Read more »

How to Feed Cats, Making Life More Interesting for Cats

Environmental enrichment for cats, from the Animal Behavior Resource Institute. This website is a great resource.