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Community Cats, Feral Cat: They're Rat Hunters

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Community cats should be paid attention to, in my opinion….for SO many reasons, humane reasons at the top of the list. Feral or not, a cat is a cat, and Anne Beall, author of “Community Cats: A Journey Into the World of Feral Cats” agrees, and she has researched these cats. She talks about that... Read more »

Community Cats Author on Steve Dale's Pet World

Community Cats Author on Steve Dale's Pet World
Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats is hot off the press, and the book’s author Anne Beall will be on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, 6:35AM Sunday, September 28. Listen HERE or 720AM. Oh rats! That’s how it began – living on Chicago’s near north side the vermin were everywhere. A... Read more »

Working Cat Program Helps to Banish Rats

Working Cat Program Helps to Banish Rats
Q: If you’re such an animal lover, why do you endorse feral cat colonies being placed where rats are for rat control? — B.C.D., Chicago, IL A: So, you like rats, do you? Domestic pet rats are, in fact, great pets; they’re very interactive and surprisingly intelligent. Sadly, pet rats don’t live very long. City... Read more »

Oh Rats for Rodents: Cats Are the New Sheriff in Town

Tree House Humane Society offers a solution to deal with the exploding rat problem in Chicago…’s feral cats! Chicago has dramatically cut down on their rat abatement program, which combined with other factors, has encouraged the city surge in rat numbers. Rats aren’t easy to eradicate, they can slip into crevices as wide as their... Read more »

Coyotes in the City: Are Pets Safe?

Coyotes in the City: Are Pets Safe?
Coyotes terrify people. Here’s a comment and question relating to coyotes and pets form my Tribune Media Services newspaper column. Increasingly, I’m receiving questions about cats or dogs being killed by coyotes. I undersand the anger, but believe it may be misplaced. Perhaps, pet owners should be angry at themselves for allowing small dogs in... Read more »

Giggling Gorillas, Rats Who Yuck It Up: Do Animals Laugh?

Giggling Gorillas, Rats Who Yuck It Up: Do Animals Laugh?
How do you make a gorilla laugh? You could tell this joke: A gorilla walks into a bar. “I’ll have a Cosmopolitan, please,” orders the Gorilla. The bartender, figuring that the ape wouldn’t know any better, decides to inflate the price a little, “Sure thing, that’ll be $35.” The bartender makes small talk while the... Read more »

American Humane Association Announces Pawscars

And now the envelope please. Here they are – the moment you’ve been waiting for, the American Humane Association announces winners of their annual Pawscar Awards.“No Animals Were Harmed”® certification from American Humane Association, the nation’s voice for the protection of children and animals. American Humane Association’s Certified Animal Safety Representatives™ monitor the treatment of... Read more »

Need A Pet: Get a Rat

I recently proclaimed the rat as the best starter pet….the best pet for first time pet owner, kids or adults. Milton and Orville, recently attended their ‘mom’s’ wedding…They really are members of the family And boy, did I get the mail. Here’s one, “Rats? Are you out of your mind. Go dumpster diving Mr. Pet... Read more »

Pets With Training Wheels, For First Time Pet Owners

Thinking about a pet for the New Year? Rookie pet owners — whether it’s a first-time pet for a child, or an adult who hasn’t had a pet in years — sometimes make the wrong choice. So, for a USA Weekend story, I consulted some pet experts. With the myriad of pet possibilities, there was... Read more »

St. Francis Day Pet Blessings

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (9393 Hinman) in Evanston, will host its Sixth Annual St. Francis Day Blessing of Animals Sunday, October 3, 10 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. In keeping with traditions associated with the life of St. Francis and his love for all God’s creatures. Robin and I attending this St. Francis Day event twice... Read more »
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