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Betty White on Steve Dale Pet World, WGN Radio

Betty White on Steve Dale Pet World, WGN Radio
The one and only Betty White joined me on my WGN Radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, if you missed it – listen HERE to my conversation with the most beloved person in America. We talked about everything from mountain gorillas to Johnny Carson, to dogs.   Type your email address in the box and... Read more »

Zoo Gorillas vs. Wild Gorillas: A Gorilla Baby Festival

Very attentive mom gorilla - newborn lowland gorilla at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Gorilla babies….Talk about culture shock, less than two months ago we were in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda with Terra Incognita Ecotours, coming face to face with wild mountain gorillas of all ages, from the largest silverback on the planet to tiny ones. The experience was a thrill of a lifetime. We twice hiked to... Read more »