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Day at MonDog Beach

Great day to do one of my favorite things - spend a couple of hours at Mondog, Montrose Dog Beach
With the dog flu threat lowered significantly, we thought it would be a perfect day to visit MonDog (Montrose dog beach), and with our niece Mallory and her dog Kaylee too! Our first time at the dog beach this season, due to the dog flu and then just too many rainy days. This turned out... Read more »

Welcome Home: Doggy Style

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Doesn’t exactly have the emotion of those videos of soldiers returning home after months or years, and their dog greeting them….but this is our version. We were away for a week – and the greeting is certainly different than if we had gone to the grocery store for an hour….and it’s not that the dogs... Read more »

Day at Dog Beach

Ethel love, loves our visits to dog beach, it's all about the water and the ball....and you can't have one without the other - that would be wrong. She's a decent swimmer.
Dog Beach is the right destination on a beautiful Sunday afternoon – Mondog Dog Beach is just north of the Montrose Avenue Beach.   Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

How Cold Is It? Ask Polar Bears, Penguins or Siberian Huskies

How Cold Is It? Ask Polar Bears, Penguins or Siberian Huskies
How cold has been? You know it’s cold when even polar bears and penguins prefer indoors. And JoAnne Smithson’s Siberian Huskies apparently would rather go to relatively balmy Siberia. Anana, the lone polar bear at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, has never grown the thick layer of fat that bears in their native Arctic... Read more »

Camp Dogwood: Barking Up Any Tree

Camp Dogwood: Barking Up Any Tree
Camp Dogwood is Fun (no accident on that capital ‘F’). All sorts of events and activities for dogs and their people. It really is a camp where dogs can partake in a wide variety of activities, from lure coursing (for sight hounds, or any other dog that wants to partake) to a marshmallow camp fire... Read more »

Dog Beach Highlights

I can't wait to get over there
Mondog Beach is terrific! This sprawling Chicago dog beach (just north of the beach for people at Montrose) offers views of Chicago which are worth the price of admission (it’s free, of course – like all city beaches), and is always a great place for social dogs to keep cool, let off steam and just... Read more »

International Association of Human Animal Interactions On Lake Michigan

ALL ABOARD! Mercury Chicago's Skyline Cruiseline Lake Michigan/Chicago River ride, and dogs are welcome on those offered Sunday mornings!  And dogs were welcome on this boat!
Conference of the International Association of Human/Animal Interactions was for the first time ever held in the U.S., in conjunction with the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association, July 20-22 in Chicago. Among the special events – a lovely Chicago River/Lake Michigan River on Chicago’s classic Mercury Skyline Cruiseline, sponsored by Greenies. Here re... Read more »

Dogs Hit Beach: Mondog's Season's Begun

Look at that newly raked early morning sand, and a lone (beautiful) Australian Shepherd
Montrose Street Dog Beach, known as Mondog, has begun their season, though that is hard to believe. Thats because it’s been so darn cold outside, and the Lake Michigan water temperature reflects that. Here are some images from our first visit of the year….

Pet Halloween Costume Contest, A Part of the War in Highwood

Pet Halloween Costume Contest, A Part of the War in Highwood
What is your dog going to be for Halloween? A costume contest for pets is among the many events going on in Highwood, The Great Highwood Pumpkin Fest 2012 (October 18-20). The contest for best costumes benefits Placing Paws from Libertyville. I will apparently be a “celebrity judge” for this very competitive event,  4 p.m. on... Read more »

Keep L.O.V.E Alive Behavior Tour Hits Chicago

The Love Bus came to Chicago – The Keep L.O.V.E. Alive Behavior Tour kicked off  August 11 at the south end of the Lincoln Park Zoo. Thousands passed through (many with their dogs). This free event included an opportunity to speak with veterinarians and pet behavior experts. I also reported live on WGN Radio’s Bill... Read more »