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Mountain Gorilla Homes, Rwanda

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Visiting Mountain Gorillas in their homes in Rwanda is the most spiritual thing I’ve ever done. Here, I am standing only about 10 feet in front of wild gorillas, no bars, no cages, and no fear on either side. Behind me, a giant silverback gorilla, a mom and toward the end of the video, you... Read more »

Mountain Gorilla Babies

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Gorilla, babies everywhere….I’ve beginning a new feature on my blog, that’s ┬áto periodically offer short videos which are different from those found on my Steve Dale professional pet YouTube page. This new YouTube page will feature wildlife videos like this one I took in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda about two years ago. If it... Read more »

Betty White on Steve Dale Pet World, WGN Radio

Betty White on Steve Dale Pet World, WGN Radio
The one and only Betty White joined me on my WGN Radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, if you missed it – listen HERE to my conversation with the most beloved person in America. We talked about everything from mountain gorillas to Johnny Carson, to dogs.   Type your email address in the box and... Read more »

What A Rush: Communing with Mountain Gorillas

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Visiting family is always fun, kind of wild….and these family members are really wild – mountain gorillas. I say family members because after all we do share about 98 percent of our genetic makeup with gorillas. I talk her about the experience of a lifetime, to commune with mountain gorillas – no bars, no cages.... Read more »

Gorilla Doctors Help to Save Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla Doctors Help to Save Mountain Gorillas
Rwanda, Africa. Veterinarians have all kinds of jobs, aside from helping pets. Some veterinarians work in agriculture, others in academia, for zoos, or in far-flung places in the field. Few are as deep into the field as the veterinarians of the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project who trek high into the Virunga Mountains to study and... Read more »
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