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Temple Grandin Has a Large Head for Saving Animals

Temple Grandin Has a Large Head for Saving Animals
Few have done as much for the welfare of farm animals and Humane Heartland as Temple Grandin, special advisor to the American Humane Assocation. She may also be the most famous autistic person on the planet, particularly since the award winning 2010 biopic movie, “Temple Grandin” (starring Claire Danes). No question, Grandin has exception intelligence and spatial... Read more »

The World Honors Lucy at 100, Victoria Stilwell Honors Our Dog Lucy

You named the animal, Lucy worked with it – including chimpanzees, elephants (she was actually quite intimidated - not that most of us wouldn't be), swimming with a dolphin (the water was freezing), and many dogs. Once an actor told me, “God help the dog who didn’t follow the scrip. When camera’s were rolling, she’d push that dog to hit the mark, or whatever it took.” Lucy, though didn’t care about being upstaged by animals. “If it’s funny, why would I care?”she once told me.
I named our dog Lucy for Lucille Ball, who I had the pleasure of knowing. And I do mean pleasure. Today, August 6, is Lucy’s 100th birthday. A story about our funny little Lucy – who passed away in May – appears on Victoria Stilwell’s Positively website. Of course, Victoria is the host of “It’s... Read more »

It's Where Veterinary Professionals Come to Learn

While at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, I visited the Oquendo Center, and thought I’d tell you about it – and even show you. Learn more and see more links at my national radio show website.  

Meet American Humane Association's Robin Ganzert

Listen to a one-hour with Robin Ganzert, PhD on my WLS-AM Podcast -  the new President and CEO of the American Humane Association. This is Robin first wide-ranging interview about her goals and the mission of the American Humane Association. I am standing with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, and Dr. Robyn Barbiers of the Anti... Read more »

Temple Grandin - Watch the Movie!

Clare Danes called Temple Grandin an inspiration after her win at the Emmy Awards, portraying the animal and autism activist. The HBO film, “Temple Grandin” was critically acclaimed, and received seven Emmy awards, including Outstanding Made For Television Movie, and Danes for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie. Claire Danes and Temple Grandin... Read more »

Dog Day on the Green

I was there when Chicago City Clerk Miquel Del Valle said last year, “Let’s have a festival for dogs!” And that’s how Dog Day on the Green came about. The event is Sunday, August 29, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Montrose Harbor, in Lincoln Park. And Dog Day on the Green is FREE! Among... Read more »

Hail to the Chief Veterinarian

I now know what all the commotion was about in Atlanta at the AVMA Convention. Streets were closed, secret service was everywhere. I thought it was for this guy: But instead could it have been for this guy? On July 30,, Dr. Larry Kornegay was installed at the new President of the American Veterinary Medical... Read more »

Edangered Species: U.S. Farmers

In a presumably well-meaning attempt to improve the quality of life for U.S. farm animals, legislative restrictions were passed in California (called the Farm Animal Cruelty Act, known as Proposition 2), and similar restrictions are now being suggested for Ohio and soon other states. This isn’t normally an area of focus for my shows, but... Read more »