Kitten Wants to Chew

Kitten Wants to Chew
Cat grass is a great alternative for many kitties who like to munch on plants

Q: My 6-month-old kitten will chew on just about anything. I'm careful to make sure she doesn't harm herself. Is there something cats can chew that's safe, similar to rawhide for dogs? Any other suggestions?-- H.H., Seminole, FL

A: First, make your home as kitten-safe as possible. If your kitty began nibbling through a live wire, the consequences could be deadly. Consider buying electrical cord protectors (plastic coverings that can be slipped over cords), available online and at home improvement and many "big box" stores. Also, remove as many plants as you can, since chewing foliage may cause an upset tummy or worse.

Next, offer your kitten choices appropriate for chewing. C.E.T. chews, available through veterinary clinics, are specifically made for cats and offer dental benefits. Or ask your vet about Hill's or Royal Canin's therapeutic dental diet for dogs (which some cats like). Both brands come in large kibble chunks, chomped on by dogs in seconds; cats take quite a bit longer. And yes, you can use rawhide (hopefully manufactured in the U.S.), gently moistened by adding a few drops of water and microwaving for a few seconds.


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