Governor Pat Quinn Helps to Find Home for Anti Cruelty Dog on WGN Radio

Governor Pat Quinn kicks off our fist monthly Steve & Steve pet adoption segment on WGN Radio. Dog lover Steve Cochran has consented to do this Steve & Steve pet adoption thing every month (the last Tuesday of each month in the 9 a.m. hour).

Listen HERE to what is - as far as I know, the first time ever in the history of radio - since Marconi - that a pet adoptions has been done on live radio.  And it worked --- Marvin was adopted!!

First up, the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago. And the shelter's president Dr. Robyn Barbiers talks about their incredible foster-to-forever program, with a particular focus on animals who have been in the shelter for a while. . It works! Look at Marvin!

Anti Cruelty Society is the only shelter in Illinois in the Rachel Ray challenge - here's the Anti Cruelty Society Facebook page. You can help simply by voting for Anti Cruelty...By the way, this weekend - Friday and Saturday (August 22 and 23) - fee waved adoptions; you can help Anti Cruelty to "empty the shelter. "

Under Gov. Quinn, Illinois for the 6th straight year named number one in animal welfare. Gov. Quinn talks about how his own adopted dog never fails him, no matter what goes on politically....and in this state it does go on, his dog is always there for him.

What's more that adoptive family will receive ONE YEAR of pet food, compliments of Merrick Pet Care! Thank you Merrick - wowowowo!!!!

Marvin is one lucky dog - and a special thanks for Gov. Quinn who totally gets the human/animal bond.


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