Saving Dog from Coyotes

Saving Dog from Coyotes
Dolly Jefferson and Rich Parent (l) with Roxie

An 84-year-old Bensenville woman is being called a hero after rescuing a dog from a pack of wild coyotes. Ironically, I just wrote about coyotes, and protecting our pets.

Dolores "Dolly" Jefferson says she was getting her morning coffee when she heard noises coming from behind her home. She walked out back to find her neighbor's Pharaoh Hound, Roxie, surrounded by five coyotes. While coyotes sometimes hunt as families, typically it's one or two coyotes.

One coyote even had Roxie's head in his jaws.  "All I could remember, my son told me to yell, make a lot of noise if you see one, and that's what I did," Jefferson said.  "He turned around, looked at me, and Roxie got farther away from him."

Roxie was checked out by a veterinarian, and is expected to make a full recovery.

The dog's owner, Rich Parent, is so appreciate he purchased a bullhorn her Dolly in case she sees more coyotes in the future.

More details on protecting pets from coyotes.


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