Best Friends: Pit Bull and Chihuahua

Best Friends: Pit Bull and Chihuahua
Joanie and Chachi (Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department)

So there's this dog wandering around Savannah, GA - a dog most people would identify as a pit bull carrying a Chihuahua in it's mouth. Many might leap to the conclusion that the pit bull-type dog attacked the Chihuahua.

And apparently that's exactly what happened, as some residents made that assumption. Closer inspection from animal control told another story. The pittie was carrying her injured friend in her mouth, and caring for him.

The pit bull-type dog would periodically put her friend down to lick his badly infected eye. He he clearly "appreciated the attention," according the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department's Facebook post on the pair.

Shelter veterinarians had to remove the Chihuahua's eye - so his best friend has been living separately from her companion while he convalesces -- thought the two still "get together-time daily." Apparently, the pit bull-type dog is a sweetie, but his heart is set on one dog. Their reunions - even after only hours apart - might make you weep.

So? How could these two wonderful dogs be wandering the streets without a person? There must have been an owner, surely....but so far - no one has come forward.

Officials named the pair Joanie and Chachi. Naturally, animal control staffers hope the inseparable friends to be adopted together.

By the way, had there been breed specific legislation in Savannah, the dog that looks like a pit (though it is not) would have been euthanized for no reason whatsoever (except for what some people feel the dog looks like).


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    They have a home, Together now!

  • thank you for the update!

  • Prejudice against dogs seems to have escalated in our politically correct world. I suspect that all those folks who would have, in past, made stereotype comments and assumptions have transferred their particular aversions to the world of dogs and cats, a convenient outlet. Just as in prejudice against nationalities, ethnic groups, racial groups, the expression of stereotypes with animals stems from ignorance, lack of understanding, and pure fear on the part of the person engaging in the prejudicial commentary or behavior.

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    Well put, thank you Sue

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