Suicidal Cat?

Suicidal Cat?

Q: My cat seems happy, but sometimes it's like she wants to commit suicide. Whenever I take a bath, she jumps into the tub. Then she screams as if she can't get out. We've tried to keep her out of the bathroom, but she's determined. Does she have a psychological problem? -- N.P., Niagara Falls, NY

A: Your cat is apparently smitten with running water. New York City-based certified cat behavior consultant Beth Adelman suggests, "The running water stimulates the cat to jump, then she immediately realizes she's made a terrible mistake. Unfortunately, your cat isn't learning from previous experience, but her intent isn't to kill herself, I'm certain."

Perhaps, you can keep her out of the bathroom by having someone distract her with toys. Or, Adelman suggests, if you keep her out of the bathroom when the water is running, odds are when you do let her in she won't be as interested in taking a bathtub dive.

By the way, it's important to know how your cat feels about water and the tub. Never leave her in the bathroom without supervision when water is running in the tub. Indeed, once in the water, she may not be able to get out.

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