Are Cats in Need of a Makeover?

Cats are like the Rodney Dangerfield of pets - they get no respect.

More cats are relinquished to shelters than dogs. Cats are less than half as likely to receive annual medical care than dogs....Pet owners (on average) aren't willing to spend as much on cat care (compared to dog care)....and sometimes when people get "fed up" with their cat, they're just given the boot - out the door they go. Cats are less likely to be mircrochipped than dogs, and when a cat gets lost some family's don't even look for their cat (considering them disposable).

Also, cats are great misunderstood - this is why I helped to create an organization called the CATalyst Council.

Perhaps - what cats need is a PR makeover, and some rebranding, as suggested by DVM360.

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  • Thank you so much for this! I think this concept is very important especially now. I was so surprised a month ago I found some crazy website for the sole purpose of spreading anti cat propaganda. I believe it was Australian and I wasn't just disgusted at the content and context of the stupid website, but I was also disgusted that such a site, filled with breeding witch hunting an innocent creature can even see the light of day that way. An avid campaign that fights against this unacceptable and downright crazy mentality will always get my support, and I applaud and also thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing exactly that.


  • In reply to Asma:

    I think I know the website you're referring to and I agree....I wrote about it back when it launched - but don't also want to give them too much PR.

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