Dogs Go to Pot with Medical Marijuana, Result Can Be Deadly

Dogs Go to Pot with Medical Marijuana, Result Can Be Deadly

Medical marijuana has been discovered by doctors to have a surprising unintended consequence - these doctors are veterinarians who are reporting the dangers of canines getting too much cannabis.

Typically,when we get drugs they go into a medicine cabinet or at least they're in a vial. However, medical marijuana is typically delivered in cookies or brownies, which are left out on the counters. Guess who finds them?

And what's more, many dogs happen to crave a good Mary Jane as much as they do liver treats.

The problem is that they're not usually getting a dose appropriate for their weight, in fact, they may get more than a human dose since they may scarf down all those cookies or brownies.

Dogs as high as a kite might act confused and dizzy, and that wagging  tail lashing in all possible directions...but when dogs get too much they may also salivate a great deal, suffer more serious neurological symptoms, crave water,and even fall into a coma. Death is uncommon but it does occur.

What's more, those cookies or brownies may contain chocolate, also toxic to dogs.

And some people who use marijuana, it seems, have a strange  sense of humor - it's now a trend to create YouTube videos with stoned dogs. Funny? I don't think so. With the dose most of these dogs are getting, they're having a really bad trip. I wish YouTube would take cruel videos down - or at least somehow force the people who put them up to ingest a similar dose, three to 10 times what they should get. I can assure you, they would create no more videos.

It turns out that marijuana intoxication in pets is so common that San Francisco veterinarian Eric Barchas has an entire page on his website about pets accidentally getting high.


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