Dog Saves a Life, Man Barked Awake in Fire

Dog Saves a Life, Man Barked Awake in Fire

A German shepherd saves a seems these stories happen so often - now with social media we hear about them. The dog jumped on Joseph Rutledge's bed as he slept, in Chambersburg, PA November last year. The smoke from the fire in the mobile home was already filling the house as Bella persisted, finally waking Rutlidge.

Bella continued to bark and even put her paws up on his bed, something that Rutledge says she knows she is not allowed to do. Awaking him wasn't easy.

Once awake, Rutlledge discovered they may have only had moments to live, and rushed out of the house.

“I am just really thankful for her that she was there,” he said. “She knew ‘Oh, OK, Daddy is going to yell at me but I am not going to let him lay there.’ If it hadn’t been for this dog, I might not be here.”

According to local news accounts, Rutlidge said, that being a deep sleeper, he doesn't know whether or not he would have noticed the smoke without Bella's constant barking. "I wouldn't be standing here today if she hadn't woke me up," he said. "I would have just kept sleeping."

Firefighters believe the blaze may have been started by a wood stove.


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