Killing Stray Dogs in Sochi, Commentary

Dogs exterminated in Sochi....Keith Olbermann offers the most eloquent commentary on the matter. He's right of course, and he made me cry.

This isn't about Russian politics, but it is about what the spirit of the Olympics is 'supposed' to be. All that wonderful pageantry of the opening ceremonies, a complete facade.

With all that's going on in Sochi, from forced Labor to their archaic stance regarding gay/lesbian rights to their effort to massacre stray dogs....not to mention one U.S. bobsledder  trapped in a shower until he broke through a door to get out to no running water in hotel rooms, and on and on.... Is the U.S. that desperate for medals? And while NBC commentators say they're going to cover it all, they really have not - and gloss over issues, maintaining it's all about the athletes.

But what about our own values as a nation, when apparently bringing home the Gold supersedes humanity, and the intended spirit of the games ? The International Olympic Committee seems to ignore this - but we don't need to.

If you do watch the games cuddled up with your best friend with four legs - keep in mind that for every time you watch an event, outside the venue or just down the road the 'exterminators' are seeking to kill stray dogs (and cats, reportedly as well). And they may be succeeding.

If you aren't aware, here's the background which Olbermann speaks, regarding killing stray dogs in Sochi.

Thank you to animal advocate Amy Shever, making me aware of this Olbermann report.

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    this is very powerful news reporting!!!! I thank you very much!!! now can we get this on the nightly world news for EVERYONE to see??? Everyone needs to know this and hear it in this powerful report. I give a salute to Keith Olbermann for this report. Someone with clout has spoken out about this and for that all the animals and I are so eternally grateful.

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    well, you can try....and should try - and help me to spread the word....keep reading the blog (subscribe). thank you for the comment

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    In reply to Steve Dale:

    I'm for the dogs. If Russia won't help them, would they do for the sick and elderly. I give to programs for dogs. This month I will give in memory of the dogs of Sochi

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