Adopting Stray Dogs of Sochi

Adopting Stray Dogs of Sochi

Q: How can ordinary Americans help the stray dogs live in Sochi, Russia? N. D, Hartford, CT

A: Unless you know someone already in the region, it may be very difficult to adopt a dog from Sochi, not to mention expensive. And frankly why would you? I can assure you that if you visit your local shelter, check out available dogs at breed rescuewebsites, or go to petfinder;  you can find as many dogs just as much in need of a home. Your gentle heart and generosity may save a life  .

Of course, you are referring to the story of many stray dogs in and around Sochi.

If you do know an Olympic athlete, or someone else in Sochi – you asked for it, here’s info on the Sochi shelters:

Помощь бездомным животным г. Сочи (Help for Homeless animals in Sochi) Private Shelter: Websites (English language site coming soon!): i. ii. | Contact information: i. Vlada Provotorova: (0117)9882330615 ( ii. Dina Filipova: (0117)89186001766 ( iii. Lina Masunova: (0117)9649446644 | Locations: i. Adler district, Krasnodar Region, Russia ii. Baranovka district, Krasnodar Region, Russia

ПовоДог (“Povodog”) Private Shelter: Website for its parent charity: | Contact information: i. Ekaterina Svetlichnaya: (0117)4957284954 (EkaterinaIS@hq.basel.ruor | Location: Baranovka district, Krasnodar Region, Russia

Добромир (“Dobromir”) Municipal Shelter: Contact information: i. Shelter Director Anna Urievna Vichkareva, office phone: (0117)8622682005 or (0117)8622680278 ii. General Director of the charity Liudmila Albertovna Sknarina. | Location: Shelter: Baranovka district, Krasnodar Region, Russia; Office: 13 Abrikosovskaya street, Krasnodar Region, Russia.

To bring dogs back to the states, check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.


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