Pension Problems Beyond Illinois, Going to the Dogs

Pension Problems Beyond Illinois, Going to the Dogs

At a time when Chicago refuses to hire more police (despite spiraling crime issues) because they don't want to pay pensions down the road....or the state of Illinois (and other U.S. states) are in debt for millions primarily because of a commitment to pay pensions, in the UK they can apparently afford to allow pension payments to go to the dogs, literally.

A UK police force has become the first in the country, and perhaps the world, to offer pensions for retired police dogs. Crime-fighting canines will be rewarded with up to £1,500 each year for three years(about $2,400 U.S. dollars) under the Nottinghamshire Police scheme. Previously, ex-police dogs received no contributions towards their upkeep and would be kept by their handlers as pets or re-homed.

Around six police dogs retire every year after spending their lives assisting with arrests, crowd control, sniffing out drugs and searching properties. So, we're not talking tons of money, relative to the service these dogs provide.

Paddy Tipping, Police and Crime Commissioner for Notts Police said: 'Let’s be clear about it, if the officers didn’t look after the dogs when they retire from the force they would be put down. The police officers have become very fond of the dogs, they keep the dogs, and I don’t think it’s fair that they have to pay all the bills.'

Notts Police is the first force to offer an ‘in-house’ pension scheme for its retired canine officers.

In 2009, Cambridgeshire Police announced it had set up a trust to fund a similar retirement plan for its dogs.

Personally, I love this idea! The dogs ad their handlers deserve this.

(thanks to Louis Ressler for post idea)

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