Animals Make News at Airports

Animals Make News at Airports

Can it really rain cats and dogs, at least it apparently can rain cats or at least kittens, if you are waiting for a flight at the Miami International Airport. Three kittens recently fell from the ceiling of Terminal J in Miami International Airport.

The kittens were discovered after one traveler complained of odd noises in a certain area of the airport. At one point, she looked up toward the ceiling with curious security employees - and what followed was - it's raining kittens; three little kitties tumbling from the ceiling. Firefighters took the kitties to animal control, who will adopt them.


Meanwhile, authorities at O'Hare International Airport trapped a foot-long alligator that was discovered alive under an escalator. A maintenance worker made the bizarre discovery in f Terminal 3,  Police officers were able to contain the alligator, which is just about a foot and a half. The unexpected trespasser was later transferred into the care of the Chicago Herpetological Society, where they are desperately attempting to help the gator who requires being brought back to health.alligator, O'Hare-Airport, Steve-Dale, WGN-radioAnd you know what they say - famous deaths happen in three's and apparently so does airport animal news.

In Nairobi, Kenya a man attempted to go through security with a snake belt. I mean a real snake around his waist. How did security know about the snake? Apparently as the gentleman was going through the security line - the snake slithered into the man's private area. He screamed. And authorities couldn't help but to not the snake in the man's pants. snake-in-pants, Steve-Dale, WGN-radio


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