Greatest Ferret Show on Earth

Greatest Ferret Show on Earth

It's the Greatest Ferret Show On Earth (sanctioned by the American Ferret Association) ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and ferret fans is slinking around the corner. The show, showcasing ferrets, is celebrating 25 years, organized by the Greater Chicago Ferret Association, which has rescued more than 7,000 ferrets since it's inception.

The Greatest Ferret Show is October 13, at the Odeum Expo Hall in Villa Park, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $5 (children 6 to 13-years, $2 and under 5 years are free).

A limited edition poster with a print run of 50 is also being worked on, along with a show T-shirt. A cake-cutting ceremony is also planned, and everyone who attends will be able to snack on a complimentary piece of cake or a cookie or cupcake as part of the celebration.

Last year National Geographic Wild filmed an episode of their series ‘Spoiled Rotten Pet."


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