Ticks Are More Than A Pest

Lyme disease is spreading. Dr. Richard Goldstein, medical director of the famed Animal Medical Center in New York City, says we can actually do more to protect our pets than we can do to protect ourselves from Lyme. It begins with testing your dog to determine if your dog has Lyme or another tick disease  called Ehrlichia canis. Both of Lyme and Ehrlichia may offer only subtle signs or more serious signs but may be misdiagnosed. (The same test also screens for heartworm disease, carried by mosquitoes).

If you live where Lyme occurs, it's also a good idea to provide specific protection for you dog - which may include a spot product or collar and also a vaccine.

Indeed,  more Lyme disease stories in the popular press about its devastating affects.

Can you believe Lyme is not today uncommon in big cities like Chicago and New York City, as well as in wooded areas. Learn more at this website about dogs and ticks.


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