Steve Dale's New WGN Schedule

Steve Dale's New WGN Schedule

I might as well say publicly what I told WGN management, the last time the station made wholesale changes, moving to a harder edge (some may suggest bizarre edge),I understand how I didn't belong. When I moved over to WLS-AM, people still associated me with WGN, when I moved back to. The station is again making changes - but this time harkening back to the vintage WGN-feel, including as the place to go to verify breaking news...It's again that station I grew up listening to.

I'm honored to a part of the WGN family....Here's how it shakes out for me:

as well as periodic pop in's on other shows, like a snackable pet pop tart.

I am thrilled by this....continuing the rapport I have on-air and off with Bill Moller, who is as excited about 'playing radio' as myself and as intelligent an interviewer as anyone.

And working with Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder again, we go WAY back! Sometimes my stomach hurts after working with Bill, that's how hard he makes me laugh. Together, Bill and Wendy are magic - being a small part of that will be fun.

Petcasts will allow me the opportunity to interview pet book authors, behaviorists, veterinarians and others in a longer forum.

I began my radio career as intern as WGN radio. My job was to keep the log (manually, can you believe?) for these dudes named Wally Phillips and Roy Leonard, as well as for the Noon Show with Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong. Talk about going to school. I also interned at WLS-radio, worked back then a lot with research to understand radio ratings and 'program clocks,' but it was also my job to find funny stories about animals for this feature with Tommy Edwards and Larry Lujack called "Animal Stories." Can you say being in the right place at the right time?

I've worked at many radio stations playing all types of music, and hosting talk....Before the on-air stints, I produced radio shows for the likes of the legendary Joe Sebastian, Bob and Betty Sanders, Fred Winston, as well as Dean Richards and others. And in one way or another worked with some amazing folks on-air, such as Winston, John Landecker, Steve King and Johnnie Putman and so many others. I was a guest many times with Bob Collins when one day WGN news director Tom Petersen suggested me as host for a pet show. And as they say, the rest is history - or at least my history. I will never forget Tom, or Mary June Rose, program director at the time, for saying "yes."

Working on the air at WGN has been a dream come true. My hope is that about for 15 years now, I've served the community. For sure, when I was cut loose as few years back, I was overwhelmed by email - astounding. I truly had no idea that I had touched SO many lives, even saved some...and made that kind of difference. I must say if it wasn't for my WGN show, a ban on 'pit bull type dogs' would have most certainly passed Chicago city council, and the enhanced penalty for dog fighting near children's playgrounds, day care or schools wouldn't have become state law (Illinois was the first state to do so) and those are only two of many examples.

Truly, I am grateful to have the platform to continue to make a difference. I suggest my show isn't solely about pets, it's about family. After all, pets are members of the family.


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  • That is great news Steve! You're going to be on all the time! Your guest spots will really compliment the other shows and offer your knowledge to even more listeners with this varied schedule! Congrats! Debbie

  • In reply to DaBeatleGirl5:

    thank you so much!

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