Dr. Susan Little Honored

Dr. Susan Little Honored

Dr. Susan Little was recently surprised with a special honor, below is the press release. Here are my personal reflections: Dr. Susan Little, who was recently also named as a North American Veterinary Conference speaker of the Year. She is a superb communicator, whether it is speaking to journalists, veterinary colleagues or the general public. Her textbook book, The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Management (which I was honored to contribute) is a bible of feline medicine. There aren't many veterinary events on the planet that she hasn't spoken at, or pet-related publications she hasn't been interviewed for. I can honestly say she is a good friend - what a person to be pals with! Her energy and passion for feline health awareness is inspiring.


Susan Little, DVM, DABVP, was presented with the International Society of Feline  Medicine (ISFM)/Hill's Pet Nutrition Award for outstanding contributions to feline medicine at the ISFM’s World Feline Veterinary Congress (WFVC) in Barcelona on June 29. The Award was given to Dr. Little just as she was  about to give her final lecture at the event, and the presentation coincided with her birthday!

Dr. Little served as President of Winn Feline Foundation and currently continues with the foundation as a Board Member. “Winn Feline Foundation congratulates Dr. Little on this important recognition of the major contributions she has made to the advancement of feline health and well-being. Her dedication to our organization and cause is as much a part of her outstanding work and we are proud to see her receive this honor”, stated Vicki Thayer, DVM, DABVP (feline), Winn Board President. Little was keynote speaker at the WFVC, which was attended by 650 veterinarians from 37 countries and held in conjunction with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and ISFM’s Spanish National Partner, GEMFE. Under the theme of pediatrics and geriatrics, she gave seven lively and engaging lectures and led a master class on neonatology and pediatrics.

Dr. Little has been exclusively in feline practice in Canada since 1990 and is also AAFP’s President Elect. She is editor and contributor to the new feline textbook ‘The Cat – Clinical Medicine and Management’, published in 2012 and also for the upcoming 7th edition of August’s Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine (both published
by Elsevier).


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    Well deserved! I 've had the pleasure of meeting Susan and hearing her speak. I also have her book and have found it indispensable. She has contributed more to our profession than can be said.

  • AGREED!!!!

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