Bill Leff, Wendy Snyder Together Again, on WGN and Talking Pets

Bill Leff, Wendy Snyder Together Again, on WGN and Talking Pets
with Wendy Snyder and Bill Leff on WGN radio

Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder say I am their best guest ever - not sure about that....but they are my favorite show to be on (and I sure about that)....and since Wendy has returned to WGN, together they are on from 9 AM to noon daily. Each Tuesday at 10:30 AM  you can check me out, as I offer them animal news from around the world.

Listen HERE to my inaugural appearance with them together on WGN. To honor Bill and Wendy's first WGN show, I offer them unique gifts, including a book about dancing with dogs. There really is such a thing, a sport called Freestyle.  I suspect Bill stopped at a dog park on his way home to try the Two-step with a Beagle.

We talk about Wendy's dog Tiki Barber.

We talk about Bill's jumping miniature rabbit.

Oh no, Wendy missed a month of giving a heartworm preventative to her dog, Tiki. I suggest it can matter....if she's frequently forgetful, a medication called ProHeart 6 is an injectable product given by a veterinary professional and it works to fend off heartworm disease for six months at a time.

Bill wonders what I think about elephants in captivity, prompted by the HBO special "An Apology to Elephants"  And we end up talking elephants. Below an image of the elephant crossing in Africa we witnessed.  I didn't ask Bill this: "Why did the elephants cross the river?"

elephants crossing


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