Veterinary Behaviorists Announce their Book, Decoding Your Dog

Veterinary Behaviorists Announce their Book, Decoding Your Dog

Pet behavior questions are  by far the most often asked on radio, on TV or in print. Truth is that it's possible that more pets die due to poor behavior than all the cancers, heart and kidney diseases combined. That is because perceived poor behavior is a primary explanation for animals being given up to shelters. Though I am a certified animal behavior consultant, the ultimate experts are veterinary elite group who base what they do on science are veterinary behaviorists. Broadcasting from the floor of the Convention of the 150th Anniversary of the American Veterinary Medical Association, listen HERE from Steve Dale's Pet World, WGN, as  I interviewed two members of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists for the price of one, Drs. Debra Horwitz and Gary Landsberg.

For the first time the college has written a book, it's called Decoding Your Dogand is out early next year (available for early order HERE).  The book will offer details on how to raise a well-adjusted and happy dog.  The behavior modification in the book - all the information, for that matter....from puppies to senior dogs - is science based.

We also talked about stress and anxiety in pets - - - Some say more pets are more anxious, more often today. Dr. Horwitz talks about pheromone products as well. Dr. Landsberg explains canine and feline cognitive dysfunction syndromes.


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