Attack Cats in France, Travel Advisory: Animal News

Attack Cats in France, Travel Advisory: Animal News
French cats with attitude?

I have a travel warning you might not have heard about. And this IS real.  There’s a tourist warning about traveling to France, particularly tourists from Britain and presumably the U.S. and Australia.. The concern are gangs – gangs of feral cats. On July 21 a cat-attack occurred near Belfort, in Easter France. A 31-year old woman was innocently walking her Poodle when the thugs attacked – a gang of six cats. Really this happened. The poodle required veterinary treatment – and the dog’s owner needed medical care too! The attack cats bit her and even pierced an artery. She also required a vaccine for rabies.

According to French media – about 8,000 feral cats are born annually in France.

Why the tourist warning? I’m not so sure – Here’s how the local police replied according to a French paper. “Tourists should be concerned, especially from countries like Britain should certainly be wary. They should certainly not approach these cats, or try to feed them.”

It’s odd that according to this spokesperson – cats are more likely to attack people who speak a language other than French. Why don't feral cats in France like the British? Fill in your own punch line....

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