Heroic Kangaroo to the Rescue: Animal News

Heroic Kangaroo to the Rescue: Animal News

Canbera, Australia. Farmer Leonard Richards was knocked unconscious by a tree branch during a storm. No one knew where he was – who knows what might have happened if it wasn’t for a very nervous family pet….who did just what Lassie would have done….demanding follow me to Leonard’s wife….except this family pet happened to be a kangaroo, named Lulu.

She hopped all over, until his wife finally decided to follow the distraught marsupial. And just in a nick of time her unconscious husband was discovered . He recovered in a local hospital. And as for Lulu, she was awarded a medal for bravery.

It's no joke - but this is.


   Q: What do you get when you cross a sheep and a kangaroo?
    A: A sweater with big pockets.


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