America's Favorite Veterinarian, The Soul of All Living Creatures: Steve Dale's Pet World

America's Favorite Veterinarian, The Soul of All Living Creatures: Steve Dale's Pet World
Dr. Carlos Campos accepting award as America's Favorite Veterinarian

Dr. Vint Virga's book title says it all, "The Soul of All Living Creatures: What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human." Dr. Virga scheduled Steve Dale's Pet World on his national book tour, and at 1:05 (CDT) kicks off the show. We know that many animals have similar neurochemistry in their brain as people, thereby strongly implying emotions...however, there remain skeptics. Virga, who is a veterinary behaviorists, says animals do have feelings. He offers stories about working animals ranging from kitty cats to leopards to dogs. And at 312-981-7200, we'll take a few calls to answer questions about your pets' behavior.

Animal News: Disco may be the most talented bird on the Internet

What a story. Dr. Carlos Campos was born in South America, and with few resources - it seemed his goal of becoming a veterinarian could never be accomplished. Not only is Dr. Campos today a practicing veterinarian, he was just named America's Favorite Veterinarian by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. Dr. Campos offers his inspirational story at  1:35.

I will offer details on how you can see  Smithsonian Institution free traveling exhibit called "Animal Connections: Our Journey Together," It's appearing around Chicago at various parks. The exhibit, which celebrates 150 years of veterinary medicine, features videotaped footage of everything from military working dogs to a rabbit on an agility course. You can learn the wide variety of challenges a zoo veterinarian faces daily, and get a glimpse behind-the-scenes at the National Zoo, and well as learn on how veterinarians keep our food safe (something we likely take for granted or don't even know about). The exhibit is also a celebration of the 150th anniversary of theAmerican Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). I will also talk about this at 11:30 with Bill Moller on WGN radio.

My syndicated newspaper piece about Animal Connections.

Dining with Fido: Joining us in-studio, Luke Cholodeck, an owner of The Dock at Montrose Beach....the idea dog friendly restaurant because first you hit the beach with your dog, then (when the dog will be all tuckered out), you can enjoy a sandwich and an adult beverage right along the Lake. It's a beautiful setting.


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