Preventive Care for Pets Matters, Making the Right Drug Choices

Pharmacies that once carried only human medications now carry all sorts of drugs for pets too, some by prescription, others  available over-the-counter. That seems good, but it likely isn't.  One study, for example, demonstrated human pharmacists actually 'adjusted' some veterinary prescriptions on their own, and in one instance a pet died as a result. Sometimes the drugs used for people are the same as for pets, but the dosses are, of course, different, and the potential adverse affects may also vary in pets compared to people.

Some people are actively attempting to avoid routine preventive veterinary visits today....The problem is that veterinarians can't catch disease early in pets they're not seeing. It may be as simple as seeing something like arthritis when owners may not notice. Sometimes pets (especially cats) mask pain - but they can't hide it from an X-Ray. Thing is pet owners can't take X-Rays at home. No one wants their pets to hurt, says American Animal Hospital Association CEO and President Dr. Michael Cavanaugh. But veterinarians can treat pets they're not seeing.


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